Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are…
Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect Tomorrow.
One day I shall dig my nails into the earth,
or bury my face in my pillow,
or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky
and want, more than all the world, your return.
- Mary Jean Iron

Monday, March 11, 2013

MPM March 11, 2013 Edition

Monday.  Ah, what mixed feelings I greet you with.  To be honest, I'm never terribly excited to see the weekend end and Monday roll around again, yet today promises to be full of routine and "normalness" and I'm terribly excited for the prospect of that.

Part of my getting back to a semblance of normal is, for me, meal planning.  Who knows, maybe this will be the week we actually follow the plan every. single. meal.  Doubtful, but you never know.    Tuesdays, dance nights, continue to throw me off.  Julianna has a class from 5:30-6:30 and from 7:30-8:30.  It's not a very friendly schedule for our family.  I've been staying with her at the studio and we've been going out to dinner during the break.  The problem is, there's not a lot of time and there aren't a lot of options.  I dislike going out to eat at places we wouldn't normally go to, spending money I'd rather spend elsewhere not spend.  So...another option is to eat together at the studio.  I'm not overly fond of PB&J or anything else that's practical for packing up and eating in an over-crowded studio waiting room with limited seating/table space and lots of bored, unsupervised children.  I will be very happy to find a new dance schedule next year, knock on wood.  Another option we've talked about is coming home during the break, eating dinner, then heading back to the second class.  The glitch with that is several-fold.  The dance studio, while not far, is not close either.  It's a good 15 minutes under normal conditions, throw in a weather event or a traffic hiccup and it's longer.  Wasted gas, wasted time.  Plus, it's hard to come home and head back out for a class right when she'd normally be getting ready for bed.  So there's that.  I'm putting it all out there in case anyone's struggled with a similar schedule.  If you have any options you think we've missed I'm all ears.  Otherwise, I'll be counting down the weeks until school's out and hoping for a more family-friendly schedule next year.

This week, here's what's on the plan for dinner:

Texas Eats Roast Beef & Gravy, mashed potatoes, succotash, biscuits 
Vegetable Beef Soup, cornbread or dinner rolls
slow cooker pepper steak, rice, szechwan green beans
Orange chicken, brown rice, sugar snap peas
City chicken, chipotle mashed potatoes,asparagus
Asian wings, fried rice, grilled bok choy

Hope your week (and ours!) is blessedly normal...and yummy!  Ten more days until Spring Break!!


Life in a Small Town said...

I always like to see what your menu is!
Too bad there aren't picnic tables at the dance studio...maybe do a tailgate? Hey, you could go out and grill while she's at practice!!! :)

Kat said...

I know it would be tight, but I would definitely eat before the first class. Even if it means eating at 4:30. Then I would just bring a snack for the break and allow time for homework to be done.

InTheFastLane said...

My life has been sooo much easier since I started meal planning. And even when something throws it off, I still have those ingredients for another day.

We have had any number of tight situations with baseball and orchestra last year. I usually made my middle child eat early, at 4ish - because I didn't want him starving by the end of the game (most games ended after 8). This worked out decently and he would usually end up with a snack when he got home. I would usually make something that he could eat quickly and the other family members could grab when they were ready for dinner.

But, also - I am wondering if you had some sort of insulated bag, if you could pretty much put anything warm in there that would still be good for the break time? Or a thermos with soup? Then she could have crackers and cheese and some fruit?

MemeGRL said...

Those are some good links--thanks.
I am with Kat, above--early early dinner is working really well for us right now, and then a snack (granola bar, etc) on the way home if she is hungry after all the dance. I realized my resistance to feeding them early was "we believe in family dinner!" but the fact is, they are hungry by 5 and rather than train them to stave off hunger with a snack--I feed them and then they can nibble with us when their dad gets in. (I am jealous of our friends where the father works from home and joins them at the table at 4pm every day!)
I'm also with InTheFastLane--soup in a thermos is always good, veggies and dip, chips and salsa...there are a few "beyond pbj" options out there. Good luck finding ones that work for you!


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